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About Us

Preva is a brand built on Professionalism, Quality Assurance and Attention to Detail. With thousands of competitors, we’ve ensured that these attributes are infused in any and everything representing the Preva brand. Our bundles are true to weight, grade and texture; and because of our keen attention to detail, we are confident in our customer base expanding globally very soon.

The values we have developed are critical to our success. These defining attributes have also helped to set us apart from our competitors. As a company based in Southeast Michigan, we believe firmly in giving back to our communities, as well as opening the door for other black beauty companies to grow within the industry.

Here at Preva, we don’t just gain monetarily. We gain in all the positive feedback from our happy customers as well. Our company doesn’t believe in limitations and our customer base reflects just that. From a sleek and chic look to bodacious body or a voluminous crown of curls, Preva keeps your dream hair on hand!

Preva: You favorite company in Premium Hair Extensions in just a Click.